Super Cool Foster (SCF) – Family

$1.50 / month with a 3-month free trial

— The price ($1 Individual, $1.50 Family) is for access to Super Cool Foster adoptive parent support group (SCF) ONLY. The purchase price does not provide benefits of paid membership in Go Foster! (If you would like additional benefits of paid membership, consider a Basic or Basic with Data Agreement purchase.)
— By requesting to join, you are agreeing to the rules of Super Cool Foster (SCF) and the rights and responsibilities of (Free) membership in Go Foster!. Membership is not guaranteed.
— This group is for adoptive and pre-adoptive NON-relative placements, *licensed* foster parents, NON-relative caregivers, and/or those GREAT potential foster parents seeking information about the world of foster care on the way to becoming a GREAT foster parent.
— This group is NOT for persons in a regulatory role over foster parents including: Federal, State, local, or private staff and including those same people who may also be foster/adoptive parents themselves. **A regulatory role is defined as anybody responsible for the initial licensing, licensing management, case management, case supervision, policy making, executive administrative roles, legislative, legal or judicial officials that maintain records or investigate foster homes/reports/claims.**
— Go Foster! and SCF are not licensing agencies. The best place to receive accurate and current information about becoming licensed to provide foster care is from the licensing agency in your area.
— Requests to join may be ignored if no reply is received to this message within 24 hours.

Thank you for your understanding and help as we strive to keep SCF a strong, supportive place for those who have dedicated their lives to helping children in foster care!

By requesting to and/or becoming a member of these groups, you agree to all of the following:

For the safety and legal protection of members, you WILL READ AND AGREE to a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement provided separately.

We are a support group for:
1.) Licensed Foster Parents and Adoptive Parents
2.) Those who have STARTED or INTENDING TO START classes to become licensed foster parents
3.) Previous Foster Parents seeking to be relicensed
4.) Parents who are NON-RELATIVE care givers.
5.) Those interested in learning more about becoming foster parents for children
6.) Those who may have insight to give to those interested in becoming foster parents

Those who are added by a current member or someone who has a Facebook Friend registered to this group will get first consideration to join. However, if someone feels they meet the criteria for joining and aren’t connected through friends to the group, please check your Facebook Messages 'Others' folder to see if you have received a message from one of our admins.
Membership approval is NOT GUARANTEED.

Additional rules and information will be provided upon purchase.